Public Spaces Protection Order

Harrow Council recently carried out a consultation on a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). The new PSPO has now been approved by Cabinet. All documents can be found here.

What is a PSPO?

“Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) are intended to deal with anti-social behaviour and nuisance or other concerns which are considered detrimental to the local community’s quality of life. PSPOs operate by imposing conditions on the use of an area which apply to everyone.” (Harrow Council)

Breach of the PSPO is a criminal offence and if witnessed will result in either:

Our concerns

We campaigned against many aspects of the PSPO because it:

►Is overly controlling and authoritarian

►Lacks detail, leaving it open to interpretation

►May target certain groups/communities

Our response

Read our full response at the time, here.

Campaign outcomes

As a result of our calls to remove, change and clarify numerous aspects of the new PSPO during the consultation phase and beyond, the council:

  • removed the requirement to provide a name and address to an authorised officer
  • removed their proposal to prohibit occupying any vehicle or caravan
  • confirmed that permission is not required to leaflet for charitable, political or religious causes
  • confirmed that riding bicycles on pavements is only restricted if riding in a manner that causes a nuisance
  • confirmed under 18’s will not receive Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN). (They are however reviewing their policy on FPNs for under 18s).
  • have allowed feeding of birds in Pinner Memorial Park from a designated area

Next steps

We continue to seek clarification on aspects of the PSPO, including the appeals process and how to seek permission to place a stand/table in town centres and we will be keeping an eye on it’s implementation throughout the borough.